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Episode 3 - Weird Double Whammy

Welcome back Weirdos!  On episode 3 of Into the Weird, we talked about two short bizarre Bronze Age back up features from 1971. 
The first story we reviewed was the first appearance of Man-Thing, from Savage Tales #1.

Here we learned of military scientist Ted Sallis' transformation into the shambling swamp dweller, and discussed the similarities between Man-Thing and DC's Swamp Thing, not only in the origins of the two characters, but also in their almost simultaneous first appearances.

We also talked about the coming-out-of-retirement Doctor Strange story in Marvel Feature #1, where we learn what has been going on at the Sanctum Sanctorum in the past few months, and we get a resolution to the sub-plot concerning Strange's infamous "masked" costume.

For our "Get Off My Lawn" segment, Herman talked about the Man-Thing series by R.L. Stein from 2017, and I chatted on a bit about Roy Thomas's dialogue skills in the late 80s/early 90s Doctor Strange: …

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